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Village Christmas Wreath DIY

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! I love Christmas, and all the fun DIY’s that come with the season! A few years ago I made the Martha Stewart Christmas Village Wreath and it was so much fun. So my friend Nat and I teamed up to make another one for this season!

You can buy a pre-flocked wreath, but we wanted to make it even more fun by flocking our own wreath! There’s different ways of doing it, but we used detergent to flock ours!

Watch the episode of us making this wreath here:

FLOCKING THE WREATH: You just start with 1 cup of laundry detergent and mix a few tablespoons of warm water with it. You will want to make sure to wear gloves, because this is messy! I also recommend using non-scented detergent. We used scented, and even though it smells good, it’s VERY STRONG! At least your house smells like clean laundry afterwards!

You need to move fast, as the detergent dries fast. I use a paint brush along with my hand to apply to the branches. The wreath won’t take long at all to dry.

PAINTING/GLITTERING THE HOUSES: Next is the houses to make your village! We had 2 different methods. I bought house ornaments and then painted them different colors. I bought my house ornaments at Walmart for 1.95 each! Natalie bought cardboard houses and painted them from scratch. She picked hers up at Hobby Lobby.  Either way works! After we painted them, we then added snow tex onto the houses to look like snow! You can find some here! But you can pick some up at any craft store!

Lastly we used Modge Podge and clear glitter to make them look like they were glistening in the sunlight! ( you can get all of these products on Amazon, walmart, target, or any craft store!I Have them linked.)

Once your houses are all painted, and the wreath is dry, you can start assembling it all! You can buy bottle brush Christmas Trees and leave them as is, or you can bleach and dye to be the color of your choosing! I also picked out the colors I like over at Hobby Lobby.

ASSEMBLING THE WREATH: We laid the houses and the trees out before gluing them down, just to make sure we liked the placement! Once we liked where everything was, we just hot glued it all down! After you’re done doing that, you use the cotton balls as snow and place them underneath houses and trees! This wreath is so fun because you can do any color scheme that you wish! There's no wrong way to do this, and the wreath will last year after year! I wrap mine up when the season is over in a hard case wreath storage bin and it is good to go the next season.

This project is so much fun to do alone, or with friends and family! It’s a fun piece to bring out every year! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and would love to see your pictures of your DIY Christmas village wreath! Here is the link to Martha Stewarts original DIY village wreath post!


Glitter SnowTex

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