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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Coffee Soda

Fall is back, and so are all the fall inspired drinks! I have been WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT, and let's be honest most of us have been waiting for it to be " ok" to indulge in all things pumpkin. I think there's a new kid on the block that is an up and coming contender in the fall drink category! Drum roll please..... COFFEE SODA! Better yet, pumpkin coffee soda, using my all-time fave Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup. Let's give em PUMPKIN TO TALK ABOUT ! #pumpkinmanyways

This drink is not only delicious, but refreshing and easy! In our town of Nashville, coffee sodas have been quite the rage for a good bit of time. At first I wasn't sure, but now I'm hooked. Even better to turn it into a fun fall beverage that we can all appreciate ! You'll be able to add this to your new list of fall fave's. Torani is already my go to, and their original syrups always make every recipe amazing.

Let's get started! This drink is easy, and doesn't have a ton of ingredients, which is one reason I love it. You can tweak it a multitude of ways, but here's how I love to make it!

*Start by brewing some espresso. I like to grind my beans fresh every day, but if you don't have a grinder you can just buy a bag of your favorite ground espresso. (if you wish to use a different blend of coffee you totally can do that too) You're going to want 2 oz. of espresso ( or coffee) .

*Next you're going to fill your glass up with ice. I like to use a short glass, but if you were about to go to work or have a fun day of shopping, you could use a cup with a lid! Pour in 1 oz of your Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup. Then add in your espresso.

*Now you are going to top your glass with soda water. You'll be able to eyeball this depending on how sweet or strong you want your drink. But it's around 4 -6 oz.

*Now to finish the drink ! Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top and give it a stir ! I lastly like to garnish it with an orange peel or cinnamon stick! Just for the fancy fun factor! That's it! You've now become a barista, and made your favorite new fall drink that will take you all the way through the holidays ! This is also such a fun drink to make if you have friends over for brunch or an after dinner beverage ! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more fun snippets of me making this fun recipe!

Be sure to follow @torani for more yummy recipes using their Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup! You can also visit them here to find out the nearest spot to you that carries their syrups.


2 oz. espresso

6 oz. soda water

1 oz. Torani Pumpkin Syrup

Orange Peel

Ground Cinnamon



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