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Easter Mocktails with Torani

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Easter is such a special time for celebrating with friends and family. Well we can all admit this Easter will look a little different for us all in terms of gathering with lots of people ! But every occasion deserves a celebration even if it's with just you or a few people! That's why I thought it would be fun to celebrate with Torani by making a fun Easter Mocktail!

If you've been following me for any amount of time now, you know I'm a Torani Fan! I've been using their syrups in my drink and baking recipes for years now and I LOVE THEM! I also love them because they're a family owned company and they use only the best ingredients like natural flavors and pure cane sugar.

I just discovered their Torani Blood Orange Syrup and thought it would be the perfect flavor to incorporate into my Easter Brunch ! This year's Brunch is a little different because I can not have all my girlfriends over, but My family luckily are my neighbors, so they'll be coming over to enjoy the festive Mocktail that I'll be crafting up. I decided to make a Blood Orange Mule Mocktail. #easterwithtorani

This flavor could be a great addition to so many recipes! The options are endless!

Here's the ingredients you will need!

- Ginger Beer

-Sparkling Water


-Blood Orange for garnish ( regular oranges work too!)

This Recipe is simple and so easy to make, and it's super refreshing. You can easily add alcohol to it as well if you would like. ( this might be one of my new summer staples !!)

DIRECTIONS:( this recipe makes 3-4 drinks)

1) Add ice to your mixing cup.

2) Then add 2 oz. of Torani Blood Orange Syrup( you can add more if you want it sweeter)

3) Add 3-4 oz Ginger Beer

4) Top with Sparkling Soda Water+ Stir!

5) Pour over Ice and Garnish with a Slice of a blood orange, and mint or rosemary if you'd like!(due to the Social Distancing we did not have any fresh herbs:(

I wanted to make it extra special and used these cute bird glasses my hubby got me! You can find those here. But you can use any cup that you would like! I cut my oranges into long strips to make it look like my drinks had fun bird feathers! Get creative!

Easter can be special no matter who you spend it with, and every occasion deserves a celebration and a fun drink ! So have fun with this recipe and I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Be sure to follow Torani on instagram here! They have so many great ideas and recipes! Comment below your thoughts and please tag me when you make this drink for your special Easter Brunch!

** This post is Sponsored by Torani, and all opinions are my own!**

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Mar 28, 2020

These sound so good! I thought of that syrup after I braved the grocery store yesterday, bummer. Blood oranges are my favorite so I’ll have to be on the lookout!


Mar 28, 2020

This is wonderful! I love all things blood orange. Those glasses are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!! You’re so darn cute!! 😍


Marissa Hryck
Mar 28, 2020

So many things to love! First, blood orange margaritas are my fav so I can’t wait to try this! Second, those glasses! In love! And let’s not forget to mention your Easter nails🤣... so cute!

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