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A week in NYC

New York City is one of the most magical cities. Every time I visit that city, I come home rejuvenated and inspired to the max! We booked a trip 6 months ago , when we found amazing deals- but not knowing if we'd be able to go or not due to Covid. But once we were vaccinated, and they lifted tourist restrictions, we were on our way. We also went for my Bday, so that was fun!

We decided to drive, and bring along our scooters and electric skateboards so we could tour the city in a brand new way. We got to ride around the entire city and see so many wonderful things.

We stayed at Hotel 50 Bowery in Chinatown. I would highly recommend this hotel. It was the first time we stayed in China town and I loved it. It was so different compared to staying in Brooklyn where we normally stay. (We still went to Brooklyn plenty of times. ) They also have an amazing rooftop bar/restaraunt. The View is INCREDIBLE. So that was worth the cost of the drinks. (just hold on to your hats on a windy day LOL)

We were able to escape taking the subway due to us bringing our skateboards. So that was a whole new fun experience. I HIGHLY suggest this if you own one, or want to rent one a day or 2. You see so much compared to normal!

We always do a ton of research before we go, so we can experience all of the non touristy spots. I feel like we really hit so many of them this time around. I can't wait to go back in December and hit the ones we missed.

One of my favorite -dream come true -experiences we had, was having High Tea at the Plaza Hotel. (yes where Kevin from Home alone stayed). This is not a cheap experience , but it was my birthday present, and I saved up for it! If you have any interest in this, and are ever able to do this, YOU NEED TO!

One of my other favorite spots we hit was Apotheke NYC in Chinatown. It doesn't even have a sign -and you would be best to have a reservation. But each cocktail is a true crafted experience. We ended up going twice because it was a few blocks from our hotel.

Another fave spot we went was Dante NYC. They have a few locations, but we went to the one in West Village. We actually accidentally stumbled on this spot, but we will definitely be back. They were voted No. 2 World's 50 Best Bars, and World's Best Bar winner 2019. It was so cute, and the drinks were not only amazing, but the presentation was memorable.

We rode thru Central Park, which is a must wether you walk, or ride. I love going there during the holidays too. Truly Magical. I also love all the florals on every business store front. So pretty and whimsical.

We loved stopping in at Almodine Bakery in Brooklyn. We went a few times, and they have the most delish chocolate almond croissant ! The Pretzel rolls were also delish.

Little Island is new, and really cool to see! And we love going to Chelsea Market as well.

There really are so many fantastic restaurants and bars to see and try while your there. Some of my other faves are:

-Egg Shop (2 locations)

-Little Cupcake Bakeshop (my bday cake was from here. CHOCOLATE, and YUM)

-Maman(one of my FAVE'S, so cute and French)

-Nom Wah (dim sum parlor)

-ANY PIZZA JOINT(seriously we went to so many pizza spots)

-Magnolia Bakery( touristy, but I love the banana pudding)

-Little Italy


-Brooklyn Bridge

-Manhattan Bridge

NYC is so inspiring and I come home with so many fun ideas every time we go. There's just so much culture and amazing food and shopping spots to stop at. I promise you won't regret going. Prepare to walk A LOT. So wear comfy shoes. You will not regret it. Get ready to have an amazing time.

Be sure to let me know when you go and what you try!

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