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It's finally that time again, football season and FALL! I can't wait, who else is with me!? If you know me, I might not be the biggest sports buff, but I enjoy being social during the games! ( Then I annoyingly ask "what's going on? what's that mean? ")

So I thought what better way to kick off foot ball season than by making a fun drink to sip on while I go tailgating! Better yet, include my all time favorite syrups to do so! So I teamed up with Torani to make a refreshing and mouth watering beverage to share with all my pals while we tailgate!

One of my favorite cocktails is a Gin Fizz, so I thought , why not turn that into something fun and for a crowd using the Torani Lemon Syrup! This way, no mess squeezing a bunch of lemons, but I still get that great crisp flavor. You could also make this a non-alcoholic version!

I love using the Torani signature syrups because every single flavor is so versatile and can be used in a big variety of recipes and creations! One flavor can make endless options. (I also use their syrup in my iced coffee everyday!) You can even get it in a sugar free version, which I love. Torani is made with simple + thoughtfully sources ingredients AND you can find it at most grocery stores and online HERE.

I ordered a bunch of drink pouches off of Amazon( you can find those here+ they come with the straws!) to put my Lemon Fizz in. I thought this was not only fun, but perfect for walking and hanging out while we are tailgating. OH AND FUN!

Here's what you need:

-1 1/2 -2 tablespoons Torani Lemon Syrup

-6-8 oz fizzy water( I used Lemon for extra flavor but you can use non flavored soda water)

-1.5 oz Gin

-1/5 oz. St. Germain

-sliced lemon for garnish

-3-4 frozen strawberries

(FOR NON ALCOHOLIC VERSION: Just add more soda water and more Torani Lemon Syrup to taste- This will be a yummy soda water!)


Fill your mixing glass with a small amount of ice. Mix in alcohol and Torani Lemon Syrup. Then top off with soda water. Pour into pouch or cup and add lemon slices + frozen strawberries.

I hope you have fun creating this simple yet fun drink for all of your tailgating festivities! Don't forget to follow Torani for lots of recipe inspiration and ideas as well. Comment below and tell me if you made it, or your favoirte tailgating beverage! #toranitailgate ** These opinions are all my own.

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Allison Hoog
Allison Hoog
31 ago 2019

My tailgating consists of hanging out in my sister's basement sipping on some cocktails lol <3 The Gin Fizz looks like it tastes so refreshing! YUM! I absolutely LOVE Ginger so Moscow Mules is one of my favorite mixed drinks :)

Mi piace

30 ago 2019

Sooo, Jell-O shots are 100% my favorite for tailgating. 😂 They’re delicious & you can make them your team colors too! I’m also a fan of any sort of chips & dip for a snack.

Mi piace

Misty Childress
Misty Childress
30 ago 2019

Never do I ever get to tailgate!! But when I did a Miller Lite was my drink of choice! This drink looks so yummy! Gonna have to try a lemon syrup!

Mi piace
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