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Guilt Free Spiced Hazelnut Iced Coffee

I love anything hazelnut, and thought why not add some holiday spice to that! So I took a trip to my nearest Walmart to pick up my favorite Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup! I love that you can buy it in the tea and coffee isle ! So easy peasy!

Hazelnut always reminds me of the holidays, which is probably why I drink it all year long! The Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup is so good, and you can add it to so many different things! Baking, Adult Beverages, Spritzers, and of course your coffee!

Here's how to make my Spiced Hazelnut Iced Coffee !


-Your Favorite Cup filled with ice

-Your favorite blend of iced coffee(cold brew works too)

-Splash of Almond milk, 1/2 + 1/2, or oat milk - I also like to foam my milk, but that is not necessary!

-Sprinkle the top with cinnamon or nutmeg, OR BOTH!

That's it, there's nothing to it! You can swap out the cinnamon for your favorite holiday spice! I just love the combo of the Hazelnut and the cinnamon! It also makes me so happy that this is low carb and maybe I mentioned...sugar free! I feel like I'm a barista when I use the Torani syrups!

I hope you love this drink as much as I do! Don't forget that you can pick up these guilt free #Torani Syrups at a Walmart near you! Happy Holidays! And be sure to follow Torani to see all the other amazing syrups and goodies they offer!

Please comment below and tell me if you loved making this fun drink!

This post is #sponsored , and all opinions are my own.

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