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Dinner at Nashville's Mane & Rye

Nashville has new restaurants opening daily, so when one sticks out to me I want to tell you all about it! We had the privilege of dining at the new Mane & Rye located inside the Hutton Hotel on the West End. They were so kind to have us in and treated us like royalty!

They are known for being an upscale casual all-day dining spot! They serve modern renditions of classic diner food.(MY FAVE) Oh, and THEY HAVE ALL DAY BREAKFAST! If know me, I Love breakfast. They also have a great happy hour selection as well as amazing brunch on the weekends. Oh, and lets not forget to mention boozy milkshakes.

One other thing I loved was the live music , and the old school pin ball! So there's something for everyone. The aesthetic was breathtaking as well right when you walked through the door.

Let's talk about food. We of course all started with a cocktail , because we bought our friend Andrea, and that calls for celebration! Be sure to follow Andrea, AKA Nashvillemade, here. I had the Miss Peggy. It was so tasty. Greg loves Rye, so he had the "Mane & Rye's, Dark + Deadly".

We also all shared the cornbread(so cute), hush puppies, deviled eggs, and the Gravy Fries. I especially loved the Gravy Fries. They were amazing, and I could have been fine with not sharing:)

We then moved on to entrees and shared the Charred Cabbage, and The Sunday Gravy. I love pasta, so this dish hit the spot for me. It's made at another local favorite Nicoletto's, so you know it's going to be good. I loved the whipped ricotta and crusty bread it came with.

Be sure to put Mane & Rye on your list if you live in Nashville, or plan on visiting! The service was great, and that's such an big part of the whole experience. Thanks to Mane & Rye for having us in, we will be back soon for sure! FOLLOW THEM HERE ON INSTAGRAM FOR MORE FOOD INSPIRATION!

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