We all need a little R+R, and this candle is perfect for that. Sandalwood combined with LavendEr, this scent will fill up your home and you will think you're at the spa! HAND POURED IN NASHVILLE Tn, WITH LOVE.

DETAILS- 12 oz. premium soy wax blend

– Reusable, heavy tumbler to use for your fave drink after burning!

– Hand poured

– 55+ hour burn time






    We want your candle to last as long as it should, so here are some TIPS! Tunneling and Sooting can easily happen, so here is how to keep that from happening.

    FIRST BURN MATTERS! The first time you burn your candle, make sure that your melt pool extends to all sides of the glass container.

     1) Burn your candle long enough that the melt pool reaches the sides of the container every time. This will allow you to have the longest candle life and cleanest burn.

    2) Trimming your wick to 1/4″ before every burn is SUPER IMPORTANT!. A wick that is not regularly trimmed can result in a ton of issues that you do not want, so be sure to keep trimmed every time!


    When your candle is out of life, here’s how to use for a tasty beverage!

    1) Remove labels with Lemon essential oils( or goo-gone works too:)

    2) Run candle under hot water to melt remaining wax and use spoon to take out metal tab.

    3) Wash well with soap and water, then pop in the dishwasher for a really good wash.

    4) Pour a glass of wine, or a cocktail and enjoy!